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Qualifications of a Medical Biller
« on: November 16, 2012, 10:52:50 AM »
I had a web demo of Care Cloud, a web based PM and EHR systems.
It does almost everything. It is amazing what the system can do. I am sure there are other systems which can do the same.

1. It automatically creates an insurance form and submits them electronically. No Super bill. If there are two insurances it submits them simultaneously. It scrubs them before submitting.

2. It tracks the insurance claims.

3. According to them, 85% of the payments come with electronic EOB, and that number is increasing. About 15% you have to record manually.

All of that for 99 cents per encounter.

I am hiring medical billers to work from their homes.

What qualifications I should look for?

I tend to believe that they must be computer savvy, more than anything else. They should be willing to follow up, which is the main thing we do. If they know how to navigate the site, they will do well; conversely does not matter how much they know about billing, but if they can't navigate well, it is useless.

I saw very little knowledge of actual filling out the claims that is required, because the system automatically does that.

It is basically a technology based job.