Author Topic: Is Obamacare Good for Billing business?  (Read 15802 times)


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Re: Is Obamacare Good for Billing business?
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Linda said:  yes of course I expect amendments ...

Not sure about your word amendments.  Don't know if you thought I meant regulations were amendments.  They are not.  Maybe you already know that??

Laws are passed by Congress and the relevant agencies write regulations that state how the law will be implemented.  The law cannot actually be implemented until those regulations are written. The law is the policy, and the regulations are the tactics for how that policy will be implemented, if you will.  That is why States are so hesitant to set up insurance exchanges.  The regulations that govern that process have not yet been written and the States are leery of doing something that will be deemed incorrect by the regulations yet to be written.

The fun laws written by Congress are those that require the relevant agencies to spend money in order to carry out the law, but provide no source of funds for the agencies to do what they need to do.
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