This is Scary!



how can a billing company afford to keep so many safe guards in place regarding getting info form provider to biller? :(


more scary stuff! how can we keep up?

The scariest part was "how do we regulate the OFFSHORE companies?". 

This is why I'm such a "hard ass"!!!

First let's break this down NICE and simple.    A PROVIDER is ULTIMATELY responsible.. any breach whether from office or a cloud based PM system.. IS HIS responsibility.. Of course.. welcome to the United States of America, where he can then turn around and go after the cloud based PM system or anyone else responsible.   Bottom line. THEY are responsible for their breaches and you are responsible for yours. THIS IS WHY IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY FOR ALL BILLING COMPANIES TO HAVE A COMPLIANCE PLAN IN PLACE.  Sorry to yell, was making a very strong point.

Offshore billing companies.   If you are an offshore company or participate in offshore dealings.. you might find this offensive, and if so I'm not sorry.   ULTIMATELY again, the physician would be completely and utterly, 100% responsible for ANY breach with an offshore company. The logic is VERY simple.. they do NOT have to comply with US laws or regulations but THE US based provider or entity MUST.    So if YOU know a provider who is offshore outsourcing.. ASK them how often are they visiting this offshore facility.. MY BET is they are NOT.   They deserve the orange jumpsuits.   Providers AND Billing companies who are using offshore companies are doing so SOULY for the purpose of cutting financial corners... and it's WRONG.. Wrong WRONG.   THERE is NO OTHER Advantage to using an offshore facility, other than saving a few bucks.   

Now from the point of a consumer/ patient.    My attorney gave me a draft blanket letter to provide to all my physicians. It states that my info is NOT to be used for any electronic medical record, may not be sent offshore and I must KNOW exactly who is getting my information.   I will NEVER utilize electronic health records for myself or my family.  I don't trust it and never will.

That's my 2 cents.. take it or leave it.


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