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Anyone know of any good sites or examples of a HIPAA Privacy Policy?  My new client needs one written up..should this be something an attorney does?  I've never had to write one before!


Do you mean the actual HIPAA Privacy Plan, Notice of HIPAA Privacy that goes to the patient? Is this a new provider because this was something required years ago,   OR do you mean a new HIPAA compliance plan to reflect the update of final rules/HITECH?     In my consulting I do this but it requires being in-house during the creation of those policies to assess privacy and security through the office/staff, etc. 

It is a new provider; they have one but their previous biller was nothing short of a joke!  They've received more money in the four weeks I've been working with them than they did in four months with her.  She literally billed EVERY single claim incorrect.  Anyway, it's extremely basic and doesn't cover much.  All their forms are lacking so I am in the process of making new ones for them. 

did you ever find one Cmporter82? Is there a site with a basic form out there?


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