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Software companies that also provider billing services for their customers

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I'm curious to know what other billers think about using software from companies that offer a billing service.  I just saw Kareo now offers billing services for their customers which is new for them but I also know Caretracker does it and there are at least a few others that I can't think of at the moment.  I'm wondering if others are uneasy about using a software that competes directly with them or not.  Maybe it is just me but I'm curious how other people feel.

Kareo has offered a billing service for a while now.  Office Ally offers a billing service.  Each has thousands of satisfied customers who use the software but not the billing service.

I didn't know they did and it says "NEW" on their website and it wasn't listed last week when I looked at it so it was new for me.  I would just get nervous that they would decide to send an email out to all of their customers letting them know they could deal with them directly if they didn't like their billing service.  I've never had that problem but I have two friends that were using Caretracker when they started their billing service and they left them.  I was just curious to hear what others thought.

My bad.  I saw Kareo and immediately thought Practice Fusion. PF has had billing services for a while.  I am somewhat familiar with the Kareo software, but don't know about billing services they offer.  It's raining here in Los Angeles right now.  Must have short-circuited my neural circuits.

I utilize Kareo for a few clients.. and no your not alone, in fact I had not seen this until you brought it up.     I sent a message to them to see if they had any comment. This would be a concern to me as well.   


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