Are you using DropBox?

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Carbonite is fine, I was only using them as an example:   According to Carbonite they are HIPAA compliant:

Business Associates: A business associate agreement is not required with Carbonite. These agreements are between covered entities where there is a reasonable probability that protected health information can be accessed. The self-managed encryption key specifically blocks Carbonite from accessing backed up data.

I MIGHT ask them to sign a BAA anyway though.. just suggestion :)

:)  yep, I always sign BAAs!  you ladies rock!

I have been using Carbonite for a year now and Like it.

Now I am using carbonite for backup. Previously I was using dropbox, but trust me carbonite is better .

I like Carbonite too. Every once in a while I go in and make sure it's doing it's "thang".  I keep all my clients files on a spare drive and do NOT have Carbonite back that up, rather I do that manually as it's just a layer of security to ease my own paranoia. If you are using any backup system online remember that you are backing up what you have, so let's say you have adware/spyware/malware on there.. guess what.. now it's on your backup AND out there. I have my system maintenance scheduled before my backkup JUST in case. I do full system scan (spyware, virus, etc) and then it runs backup.  Just thought I would add that.


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