Author Topic: When starting a website/email, any recommendations as far as HIPPA compliant?  (Read 1517 times)


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I'd like to start up my own website soon, with one that offers secure email as well.  What questions do I need to ask them to see if they're HIPPA compliant as far as security?  Any suggestions for websites or email providers?


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Not sure what you mean.  Are you asking for suggestions for hosting or for encryption?
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For your website you will just need to utilize a cert for any area of the site that will need to be encrypted.

For instance, the client section of my site is secured but the rest of my site is just plain http.  Once you have the site designed you can contact someone like or godaddy in order to get a cert.

As for the email i'm not sure what you need.  Do you want a method to send Secured messages to people?  We are currently looking into Microsoft's hosted mail gateway.  it provides spam and malware protection as well as encryption but it is a little pricey.  The good thing about their service is that the recipient of the secured email does not need to install anything in order to read it.

That is the drawback for a lot of secure / encrypted email services.  The recipient of the message has to do something in order to be able to read the message.

If you could provide some more information on the email requirements I can give you some additional help.