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I am wondering if anyone has any tips or quick facts regarding Fastrack Software?  Specifically, what are your observations utilizing the system and what were / are the pros and cons?

Thank you in advance.

Although they have been around a while, I have not had the opportunity to see their products, from what I understand they have a powerful system mostly used for DME and I THINK pharmacy..(could be wrong) The company appears to have good reputation. Wish I could tell you more. I do know the name has been around for a long time.

I remember hearing about them a while back, I think they are DME and/or Home Health.  I've never known anyone that uses them so unfortunately I can't really help you out.  It doesn't sound like there are many billing companies using them based on this forum response.  I would recommend having them give you a demo so you can see it in action.  Good luck though.

We had an overview on it last week and the thing I like most was the Server option.  Our company has a lot of custom data gathering programs for more efficient reporting and work flow analysis.  It is so much easier to be more productive when you have live data to pull from as opposed to pulling reports from web based systems.

not to mention the ability to automate processes by 'writing' into the back end of the software.  a good example is when we write off patient pay to a customer's system if they want to handle it themselves.

Fastrack has an option to house it on a Server running MS SQL Server which is brilliant.


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