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Well it looks like kareo is not the only one getting or having now a billing service of their own. The more I think about this the more it bothers me..   I now heard OfficeAlly has their own billing company too. Anyone using them that knows if they are providing any type of non-compete, disclosures, promises not to solicit billing company clients?   Is this to be the new trend?

They've had a billing program since the end of 2010.

For doctors who are already using the Office Ally EHR, and who are already entering the DX and CPT codes into the EHR, it is not that big a deal for someone at Office Ally to connect the codes and send them off to the Office Ally clearinghouse.  That simplifies life for doctors with small practices who do uncomplicated billing.  This is probably the direction that medical billing is headed, for simple billing needs.  Office Ally Billing, Kareo Billing, and Practice Fusion Billing (they don't have a billing department, but have billing partners, including Kareo).

Practice Fusion will be having their own billing option soon.  They will continue to work with Kareo but since Kareo has raised their prices they are seeking new vendors.

There isn't enough money in the world for me to get into the development of PM software. It's an ONGOING commitment among a doggie dog industry.


I'm very curious as to what you need from a software that you can't already get.  How could developing your own software possibly save you any money?  More power to you if you can do it I just can't fathom how that makes any sense.  Good luck I guess.

To everyone,

I think there are a lot of companies that will probably never get into billing because that is not really their thing.  I'd be curious to know all the companies that have billing companies now.  So far we have Kareo which is new to it and Office Ally that has been around for a while.  I'll add Optum Insight (Caretracker) to the list as well as Athena.  If anyone can put others in it would be interesting to see as complete of a list as we can get.


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