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Pricing Question
« on: March 28, 2013, 11:08:46 AM »
Greeting All,
I need a little advice. I just met with a potential client who really seem intrested in me doing their billing. It is for a facility that treats children who are Medically Fragile for 90days and then they are releases to their families.  90% of their claims are with Medicaid and they are paid per diem, which is a certain $$$ amount per day for each child. I was told they only bill twice a month and I would have to come into their office to process the claims. They also have been having trying to  get on  commercial insurances panels with no success because they are not classifies as a SNF or a LTF. So I am thinking about charging them a flat rate fee for doing the billing twice a month and taking on the challenge to get then credentialed on the commercial insurance panels the other two days a month. Please let know you thoughts on this idea!! Also they want me to come in an train on their software for 4 hours, so how could I bill them for that?

Thanks a bunch!!