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I am sure every vendor has their specific niche out there; however, for me CureMD’s EHR worked wonders! Not only is it very user friendly but also very affordable. Their ‘All-in-One’ Cloud platform is a life saver for small and medium practices! It integrates Specialty-specific EHR with Practice Management, patient portal and iPad app which is built with maximum functionality to help physicians chart on the go. Everything under one roof helps to avoid the hassle of dealing with various vendors, saving precious time and resources.
Not only their EMR solution is configured for each specialty providing the necessary clinical content and decision support for delivering better care, but they also guarantee advanced enterprise functionality at a fraction of the cost charged by other vendors with Support available 24/7. Their adaptive learning engine learns the unique style of practice from favorite diagnosis to most preferred treatment plans lowering overall documentation time. Ranked by KLAS for their usability as a No.1 SaaS EMR, CureMD has raised the bar in usability with one of the lowest issue resolution times in the industry.

alextate are you a user of CurMD's EHR?  Or do you sell it?


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