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So what has happened with Kareo and Practice Fusion?  Did Kareo create their own EMR or are they private labeling Practice Fusion?  What is happening to all the people that were using the two together, can they still use them together?

One of our clients uses Practice Fusion as an EMR for Medicare patients.  Since PF does not have a billing program built into it, our client fills out a paper fee slip and passes it to us for billing.  We enter that data manually into our billing software, along with the data for other patients he does not put into Practice Fusion.  We then submit the billing as usual - Practice Fusion patient's mixed in with non-Practice Fusion patients.

I do not use Kareo for billing.  But if I did, the work flow in the previous paragraph could be exactly the same.  Client puts EMR data into Practice Fusion and passes a paper fee slip to us; we manually input that data into Kareo and bill from Kareo.

Where the partnership between Practice Fusion and Kareo comes in - they were trying to get set up so that PF and Kareo could pass data back and forth electronically.  From comments I have read on blogs, that effort did not meet with the success they had hoped for.

So far as I know, there is nothing stopping anyone from using Practice Fusion as the EMR and Kareo as the PM system, with a paper fee slip as the go-between as described in the first paragraph above.  Maybe they can even talk to each other still in some fashion.  But a political decision has been made to not continue to sell the two to the public as a partnership/team EMR/PM system.

Edit:  I know at one point Practice Fusion was offering billing service to its clients.  Now that Kareo is also offering billing services, perhaps they now see themselves in competition with each other instead of seeing themselves as partners.

PF told me that they are planning on integrating with Nuesoft, and CollaborateMD, which should be available within weeks.

Collaborate MD already works with PF.

I forgot to add that Kareo has developed its own EHR, which is offered for free.  I suppose that could be a reason they no long need to partner with Practice Fusion.

Why would we give our EHR away? One simple reason: we want to earn your business. There are no strings attached, no ads included, and no worries of your information being sold to third parties. We just want to show you what Kareo can do for your practice on the clinical side so you might consider our Kareo Practice Management or Kareo Billing Service in the future.


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