Author Topic: Lytec 2006, admin password forgotten, how to reset? Copy lists to new practice.  (Read 3361 times)


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You girls are the best, I need a little help if possible, I am using Lytec 2006, and was trying to work with the worst flubug ever, I had to reset the password for one of the practices.  I neglected to write it down and now can't for the life of me remember what I changed it to.  I can just make a new practice as there were not that many patients in this one, but is there a way to copy all of the insurance, diagnosis, fee schedule, procedure and transaction codes from another practice without having to start completely from scratch?  Thanks so much in advance for any help or suggestions you may have.  Never going to forget this blond moment. :o


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One of my very good friends is using Lytec so I went to her and she emailed me this: She said this is if you get locked out which it sounds like you have been?

Lytec 2006-2009

1)Login as the System account or other administrator account in Lytec

2)Click on Settings

3)Select User Security Profiles

4)Click once on the user that is affected

5)Click on Edit

6)Uncheck “Account is Disabled” box

a. If the user doesn’t know their password t
ype in a new password in the Password box
b. In the Confirm Password Box type in the same password again

7) Click Save

8)Close the User Security Profiles screen and have the a
ffected user try to login
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