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Billing, PM, EMR...all confused


I am working with a client and they use a very unpopular EMR system - that no one seems to currently integrate with. I want to use either OpenPracticeSolutions or Kareo for their billing and pm. Should I be so concerned that these systems may not integrate with their EMR system. Also, with Kareo, the demo suggested you can only set appts & register together in their EMR system. But again, they already have an EMR system.. Does anyone have any experience or advice about this...

I don't see it as a big problem as long as their EMR will easily print or create some sort of superbill or other file that they can get to you that will give you the information you need.  Remember it wasn't until pretty recently that the option for both billing service and provider even had the option to use the same program, so it has been done the way you are talking about for quite a few years.


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