Author Topic: Are CLIA numbers needed to bill J codes? We no longer perform labs.  (Read 1433 times)


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We are thinking about not renewing our CLIA numbers since we no longer bill for blood draws in the office. We do not handle DME'S either. Do you have to have a CLIA number to give injections?


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A CLIA Number is attached to a laboratory that does testing on blood, urine, and other body tissues and fluids.  The lab must meet certain criteria in order to qualify for a CLIA number.  This is done to ensure a certain level of competence in labs.  A physician may have a Physician Office Lab (POL), but that lab must have a CLIA Number.  In the case of a sole proprietor / private practice doctor, some refer to the doctor's CLIA Number.  That is not technically correct.  The CLIA Number actually belongs to the doctor's POL.

A licensed physician, or anyone under his direct supervision, is authorized to draw blood and give injections.  Neither of these activities involve lab work.  No CLIA Number is required.