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Hi all, I'm starting a business focusing mainly on AR recovery. I know it is going to be tedious, but I'm looking forward to the challenge. I would love to get some insight on best software that's not too expensive to start off with as well as any and all information you can provide which would be helpful to a newbie. I look forward to hearing from everyone. Thanks in advance.

You are going to do Accounts Receivable recovery and you ask about software.  I'm not clear on what you need software for?  Are you licensed as a Collection Agency, or are you going to work your client's A/R?  If you are working your client's A/R, I'm thinking that you would be working out of their database, not yours.  How else, when the patient/insurance asks for proof that they owe what you say they owe, will you be able to provide that proof?

If your only going to do A/R Recovery I would just work off of reports, but if you plan to now or in future do billing and/or full practice you will want a good software that will grow WITH your business. Try not skimp or go for lower price just because... You will regret it because data conversions are NEVER smooth. If you browse the forum for software you'll find several diff ones to demo.

Thanks for your responses. I will use the aging reports of course, but what about tracking provider info for my records for bills that are resubmitted. What would be the best way to track payments?

If your going to "resubmit" than you could run into a jam if the office/provider is submitting. If your contract with the client is for a/r followup you will want to establish how resubmissions are going to work. Typically if your only doing followup the direction should be to let the biller resubmit, otherwise your just double entry. Another method (again depending on the contract you have with the client) is to remote access into their PM system if you need to resubmit. Of course with HIPAA you will want to make sure you have your ducks in a row and your own login.


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