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Greetings Everyone-

I'm considering starting a LinkedIn account in an attempt to generate business. I confess to being a bit
of a skeptic, since I've never heard of a medical biller generating many doctor clients via social media, however...It's unwise I think, not to explore all options. Before I get pumped up and start creating profile pages, and spending countless hours at my computer on the LinkedIn page, I have 2 questions:

1. Has anyone here actually generated doctor clients using LinkedIn?

2. Is LinkedIn a good business marketing tool for Medical Billers?

It would be really nice to simply pound the pavement, chat with office staff, hand out cards, and generate
business that way, but like most 9-5 ers, I'm not a full time medical biller, and when I get off work most
clinic's are closed or closing. Any feedback on LinkedIn would be helpful.  - THX :)   


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Re: LinkedIn
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It won't hurt to have an account and you do not have to pay anything. It is a good place to have your information. Not necessarily to get clients but perhaps a place that potential clients can find out more about you especially since you are not able to get out during the day.

You may want to check out some of the urgent care clinics as they are open later and on the weekends to see if you can volunteer some time. I don't know whether you have shared whether you have had any experience but if you haven't, volunteering can be a big help in getting the "touch and feel" of what goes on in a practice. Please forgive me if you already have the experience. I came to the forum just recently.
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Re: LinkedIn
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There are also a lot of groups with physicians in them and other groups for networking with other billers. Of all of the social media outlets out there I do like LinkedIN the best in terms of it being for professionals. Facebook and Twitter are good for networking but there's just too many business's that don't have a separate page for business so you get a lot of non business stuff on there.   I like LinkedIN for the many groups it has.
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