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Starting a billing co for my own business

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Hello , I have a few questions I have about 7 year experience billing but I 'm just now starting my own business my first question is . Do you have the EOB and Checks ,denials ,etc sent to you or the doctor ? When you first started what was the services you provided ? At what point did you start marketing . I just finished the legal things and now I 'm in the process of setting up the office should I was thinking of start marketing after I get the basic office items done .

For the providers I bill for, they already have an EMR/PM software in place, so they get the ERA's sent to that software. They get their checks sent to their practice and/or billing address, although the major payers are on EFT. I have never heard of the billing company getting the checks and EOB's directly sent to their location. If you are billing for a doctor across the country, how are you supposed to deposit their checks, if they use a local bank to their state, for instance?

While I don't own a billing company, the ones I work for provide all services related to billing a claim. From demo entry if needed, all the way to follow-up on claim denials, and everything in between.

Marketing should start when you are ready to provide all your services to a provider, in my opinion. You don't want to market a service you aren't ready to provide.


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