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Thanks Michelle.

Thanks Merry.  I wasn't looking for a comparison between the two.  I just noticed that both are relatively close together on E. Baseline Road and wondered if that implied they were connected in some business sense.  Based on what you and Michelle say, the answers seems to be "no".

Richard..See private message

We are all the old timers..Now MD, Total MD, AltaPoint etc. Going back over 25 years just for software. We were very careful when we looked at software for our and felt that not only was Now MD the best solution but the support was incredible. To be able to pick up a phone and call for help and not wit til the next day for a call back is a great bonus. And to be able to talk to people who have been in the medical billing field for years great stuff.

Most software companies do not talk about "what is coming". As you know, they can be in development for something that adds the bells and whistles and CMS comes out with something new that is required in a short time. So the "bells and whistles" project has to stop and development for the requirements have to commence. Updates and changes are never done by one person. It takes a team of developers.

I just spoke to Jeff and he told me that he had just updated the site You can download a demo and also watch the tutorials.And if you purchase from us, you get a 10% discount for being a member of this forum.


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