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I have a chiropractor that is in need of a new software system ASAP so I'm looking for some input.  He was using Practice Today but must switch immediately.  He was using a software from his billing service and he had to terminate his services with them.  I don't know the details but it was something bad.  The other billing service is a nice guy and he'd been with him for over 15 years but something happened.  (We actually share accountants so even though I don't know what happened I do know it didn't involve billing directly, but it was bad and providers need to switch.) 

OK, so you are all wondering why I'm asking for a software recommendation when I've been doing this for 20 years.  Here's why:

1.  I use Lytec but Lytec won't work for him.  He needs to be able to do his SOAP notes and print workers' comp forms out.  I designed my own C4 (comp) form to print out of Lytec and it works for me but it isn't ideal.

2.  I am a NowMD reseller but believe it or not, I don't push something on someone that won't work and NowMD won't work for him for the reasons in number 1.

So, I am looking for anyone to recommend a chiro specific software (or at least able to do what Chiros need) that allows him to do his SOAP notes, and print NYS WC forms (if possible) that is also reasonably priced.

Thanks in advance for your help!

I bill for a handful of Chiropractor. Here is the two software we use. I like them both very much. I hope this helps.‎

Thanks,  I was supposed to do a demo with Chirotouch yesterday and they missed both appointments.  Not good marketing.  But I will relook.  Not familiar with the other but I will check into it!   :)

I would recommend TotalMD, they could help with all of that stuff.

TotalMD is good one. Not sure they are chiro specific.  PMRNC subscribers receive a discount with TotalMD.


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