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Our group practice has two locations in the same city which bill under the same Tax ID. We have six providers that see patients in both locations, on alternating days of the week. One of our locations already has a group NPI - my question is are we required to have a second group NPI for our other location since it is a different physical address? All of our providers already have thier own individual NPI's assigned. Thank you in advance for your help.

The quick answer is "no" but you will need to make sure to update your documents to reflect the additional location or the different address will cause problems.

To be more specific, you need to register all addresses where you do business with the carriers your Group is a participating provider with.

Submitting paperwork to your carriers for
 - Adding a new location
is not the same thing as submitting paperwork for
 - Changing locations.

Those are two different issues, but folks sometimes confuse them.

And make sure IRS records match TO THE LETTER!!!  Even if you have a typo it's a major headache!

YOu need not get seperate NPI for multiple locations. Check with NPPES if you can add up the new location address.


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