Author Topic: Want to start my own medical billing company from home  (Read 989 times)


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Want to start my own medical billing company from home
« on: March 05, 2014, 02:40:19 PM »
I went to school and graduated with my diploma for medical billing and coding back in 2012. I have had a difficult time getting a job in the field because most all companies want someone with at least 2 years of experience. I have become frustrated and decided to stop looking for someone to give me a chance and take my own chance at starting my own business in medical billing.

What is the best way to market myself when all I have is education and no real hands on experience? I did complete an externship while in school and gained most of my experience through the medical billing company I extern with. The medical billing company I extern with did medical billing for mental health providers and I really have an interest to continue working with mental health providers. Where do I begin with trying to launch this business?

Thanks for any advice!! :) :)


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Re: Want to start my own medical billing company from home
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2014, 02:57:40 PM »
Where to begin is pretty difficult to answer but if you do a search here on the forum you will find a LOT of valuable information. I have a basic startup checklist you can look at here:

KNOWLEDGE can sell JUST as good as experience IMHO. Yes it can be more difficult and you will need to CONTINUE education, and stay on top of the trending changes taking place. I think if just starting out, even though you are familiar with mental health,  it's best NOT to target market right away. You will reduce your opportunities significantly. Later on after you have signed one or two mental health practices and you still want to specialize it will be a choice to consider. It can take a while to land that first client so you want to be sure to maximize and diversify your marketing efforts! Today's medical billing company can reduce their up front/start up costs also by marketing and utilizing the clients "existing" PM solution. If a PM solution is not in place or the client wants to make a change, you can give them various resources and let them choose and sign up/purchase the solution and you can access it remotely. Years ago medical billing companies were going out and spending big bucks on software and then had to not only sell their services but their systems as well. 9 out of 10 practices you talk with, will already have an existing solution in place.. why not cut your costs at same time. Remember your offering up your services. Use that money instead for a good marketing campaign.

Also, use the company you did your externship with as a reference. That indeed should serve as a reference and experience.
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