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Should the Medical Directors name appear in box 31 of the CMS 1500 form when there is another rendering provider? This is for Mental Health in the state of Colorado. My understanding is that the rendering providers name should appear in box 24 J and again in box 31. Is this illegal and if so where can I get the rule stated in black and white to show the person in charge of correcting this?

The rendering provider's individual NPI goes in 24J and their name goes in 31.  The name in 31 should match the NPI in 24J.  The medical director should not be on the claim unless they were the rendering provider.  The only reason it would be different were if it were some specific rule for a specific carrier.

Thank you, Is there anywhere that that is written so I could prove that to a supervisor whom doesn't agree and says that years ago that was how it waas done and doesn't know when that changed.

For Medicare.. And I go back many years (eons)  we never used the medical director. Perhaps as Michele stated it is for a specific company. 


No it doesn't appear to be for a certain company. This is why I question it.


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