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I am wondering if I have a correct taxonomy code for a non-profit that will expand into a rehab center with the following disciplines.
Outpatient Physical
Therapy/Speech Pathology

I believe the facility taxonomy code would be code:261QR0400X
Ambulatory Health Care Facilities/Clinic/Center, Rehabilitation

While each discipline will have their own applicable taxonomy code related to each individual NPI

At the same time they currently have a taxonomy code for services provided under the state department of health as an "early intervention provider"
 Code: 252Y00000X, can an agency have a different taxonomy code for a separate line of business as they expand?

NPIs can have multiple taxonomy codes.  The one you indicated below does appear to be accurate for what you have described.

Thank you so much. I did pick up that Medicare 855I book from you last week. Downloaded, but I hope I will get a hard copy also, like all the other ones I got from you. All invaluable resources! Thanks


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