Author Topic: Investigation ongoing into AHIMA's Certified Coding Specialist Credential (CCS)  (Read 2098 times)


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    Effective immediately, the Commission on Certification for Health Informatics and Information Management (CCHIIM) is suspending administration of AHIMAís Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) examination in all U.S. and Global Pearson Professional Centers. This action has been taken due to concerns over exam security and will continue until such time as the security and integrity of all AHIMA exams are ensured.

    CCHIIM has sole and independent authority in all matters pertaining to the certification of Health Informatics and Information Management professionals.

    THE CCHIM also is investigating the validity of individual scores on exams already taken. The CCHIIM reserves the right to invalidate the scores of candidates who may be implicated in any irregularity and candidates whose exam scores may have been compromised and, if necessary, to require any and all candidates to take an additional examination at a later date under conditions which will ensure the validity of all scores. Further, if it is determined that any individuals have been involved in a breach of exam security or any other exam-related irregular behavior, the CCHIIM will vigorously pursue appropriate action, which may include cancellation of exam scores, revocation of certification, permanent denial of future eligibility for certification, and legal action, as deemed appropriate by the CCHIIM.

    Due to the pending investigation and pursuit of legal action, neither CCHIIM nor AHIMA can discuss the circumstances surrounding the security issue.

    If you have any questions, please submit a customer support request.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: If I took my exam before the exam suspension is my CCS certification still valid?

    A: Yes, your CCS exam certification is valid. All AHIMA CCS exam candidates that took their exam prior to March 30, 2014 will be subject to review by CCHIIM as a result of the security audit. At this time we do not know the timeline for all audits to be completed. CCS certified professionals should continue to earn their required CEUs needed for Recertification unless otherwise notified.

    Q: I was previously scheduled and my exam was cancelled, will I receive a refund?

    A: Yes, all candidates that had their exams cancelled will receive a full refund without any penalties.

    Q: If I donít want a refund, can you hold my exam fees until the new exam is ready?

    A: No, AHIMA will have to process refunds for all candidates affected.

    Q: Can I receive an extension until the ICD-10 launch dates in April of 2015?

    A: No, if you do not want to take your exam under ICD-9, you will need to request a refund. The refund policy is available for review.

    Q: When will the exam be available?

    A: At this time CCHIIM is unable to determine when the exam will be available due to the pending investigation and security audit.

    Q: How will I know when the exam is available?

    A: AHIMA will officially announce the new exam launch through all communication channels to include:

    AHIMA website

    All electronic news letters

    Social media sites

    Q: What version will the CCS exam launch in?

    A: We will confirm if the new exam will be based on ICD-9 or ICD-10 once the date of the exam launch is determined.

    Q: Will immediate scoring be available upon the new exam launch?

    A: No, the exam will launch as a beta exam therefore immediate scoring will not be available.
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