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Kareo vs CollaborateMD vs NueMD

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New Billing Company searching for longterm PM. We want something that we can grow with, has great features, and wont break the bank. We bill for multiple clinics with multiple specialties, ranging from 1 doc to 10. Anyone able to compare these three? They seem to be our top runners.

I use Kareo and NueMd on a daily basis for remote billing, and I just recently started using Collaborate to help clean up some AR(they switched to Kareo for their current billing). Because I use Medisoft at my primary job, and have for almost twenty years, I like NueMd the best of the bunch, because it is most like Medisoft. The downside was that to get the free support for NueMd, I had to watch numerous videos, and take "block tests" on each section, and pass each section, or I wouldn't have gotten the support. It took HOURS to do this, and really sort of ticked me off, because I figured out the software on my own, with no training, almost immediately. Very user friendly, though.

Then there is Kareo. While I also self-trained myself on it for the most part, and it was easy to learn, and the support is just great if needed, it has a lot of glitchy aspects to it. Entering charges is so tedious, because you have to enter/delete dx's for each line, you can't just apply pointers, and it is very sensitive to where your cursor is, and always wants to add another line of charges you don't want. By far, it takes me the longest to bill for that client, because of the glitches. And, it considers each line of a claim to be a separate claim, which means that you then pay per line item to submit charges electronically, which is really sneaky of them. There are other things I don't like about them, but those are the big ones.

Collaborate seems okay for what I am doing with the AR, but I don't know that I would want to use it to bill regularly.

So my vote is for NueMd.

EDITED TO ADD: I don't know how much Kareo and Collaborate costs monthly per provider, but NueMd is dirt cheap, in my opinion.

Thanks kristin!
They are all around the same price. I think Collaborate is the most, but it's within $50 of the others.

You are welcome!

Obviously, what would be best is if you can demo all three, see what works best for you, and is easiest to learn. A couple of other things I thought of...
When it comes to entering patient demographics and insurance info, NueMd has the easiest way of doing that, it requires less steps, and opening of various sections in the software, if that makes sense. It just flows better, because you move from tab to tab.

Kareo, though, has a better way of tracking claim denials, rejections, and no response claims. Their features for followup of claims is far better than NueMd, even if their claim entering process is more tedious. Because I don't get many denials/rejections, I don't care about that so much, but it could be more important to you.

I've  used all of these as well.  I would probably say NueMD is best and Kareo is next and the CollaborateMD.  If I were you I would seriously consider TotalMD which is my favorite.  Unlike the other three they don't charge by provider which can save a lot of money for a billing service.  I know they did something through the forum to give members a 10% discount so you can save even more.  It is so simple to use which is what I like best but of course the price helps as well.

--- Quote from: kristin on July 15, 2014, 07:09:54 PM ---Because I use Medisoft at my primary job, and have for almost twenty years, I like NueMd the best of the bunch, because it is most like Medisoft.

--- End quote ---

For some this might not be a good thing but TotalMD is very similar to Medisoft since the head developer of the program used to be the head developer of Medisoft.  I used to use Medisoft back in the early Windows version of the program so when I found out about TotalMD and they did a free conversion from Medisoft I made the switch and haven't regretted it since.


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