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Looking for recommendations that are cost effective for 1 to 3 providers and is robust in tracking preauths, visits remaining, incentive program measures, etc.

Have used PracticeMate and MyWay -- both were too manual intensive.

Any reviews on AltaPointe is also welcome. Have reviewed Kareo and could be a potential solution.

Thank you!

I'm a billing company that does NOT utilize ONE particular software. I market my services and let the client decide on an existing PM solution they have or a new one. For my clients that wanted me to pick.. I had to go with, and still say Kareo is my favorite. YES it is costly.. and NO they will not train you because they believe their software stands on it's own and if your using them you know what your doing.   IF I was going to reccomed others, I would look at TOTALMD, and Collaborate MD. both have really good systems for billing companies. I specialize in Mental health and pediatrics and also needed somethign really good with authorizations. That was actualy my biggest concern.   All three of ones I mentioned have those capabilities.   If you are a PMRNC subscriber we also offer discount for TOTALMD and CollabortMD.

Linda, thanks for the additional info and will keep this in mind as I review TotalMD.


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