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Hi everyone,
The collection agency we had a contract with just announced it's no longer in business. Does anyone have a collection agency they can recommend? We have a pretty low volume of accounts that we actually send to collections.

Action Revenue Recovery.   they are awesome.   check them out at

Have you gotten good results with ARR?  Just curious myself.  We find collection agencies do not usually do as well as they say.  I will have to check them out too!

yes, Michelle, I find that they are the best that I have ever dealt with.  We dont send a high number of accounts to them, however, they are professional and they do get the job done.   They handle accounts all over the United States and take large accounts and small accounts.  I have never had an issue with them.  I have had patients even call me to tell me that they paid ARR just because they were professional and nice over the phone.    I highly recommend them.

Thanks, I will definitely give them a call!


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