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If you are going to be billing under the type II NPI and your EIN you will have to notify all of the insurance carriers if you want to be in network.


--- Quote from: Aliciakprice on November 18, 2014, 10:51:07 PM ---I have lots of general questions about billing and was just interested in a source that I could refer to.  Another question about NPI is: All along when an insurance company asked for my NPI, I have always put my personal NPI (since I don't yet have one for my LLC), do I need to go back and change the NPI to the LLC's NPI for all those insurance companies?

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Not necessarily, you can just start billing under the type 2 NPI with your LLC's EIN moving forward (once you have submitted the appropriate paperwork to the insurance companies). Generally you can only bill after the effective date of the change as recorded by the insurance companies so retroactively billing under your LLC may not be possible. Unless you have a specific reason why you would want those old payments remitted to your LLC I would say it's much easier to just start doing it as soon as you are set up to do so with the insurance companies.


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