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I actually know of two acupuncturists in Colorado, one of whom also works here at my clinic in Minnesota. I will ask his wife what she knows about billing CO Medicaid (she does all her husband's billing). The other acupuncturist in CO who I know does bill for this type of detox makes a TON of money off cash patients. She does the acupuncture with a vitamin IV drip for business travelers who got a little too into partying on their business trips and either don't want anyone to know or have to go right back into work the next day after not sleeping and being on an airplane. I don't think she bothers with health insurance at all simply because these people pay much more than she'd ever get from insurance.

in NY, acupuncture reimbursement is very good, except for No Fault/WC. For BCBS it's around $130, NYS Empire $150, MVP $200 (they cover 50% of the $200 or so allowed...) Oxford $100


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