Author Topic: Third Party Billing Regulations by State  (Read 6507 times)


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Re: Third Party Billing Regulations by State
« Reply #15 on: January 29, 2015, 09:49:38 PM »
Just to toss in my two cents here, because I don't own a billing company, but work for several on the side....

If I did own a billing company, or was marketing my services as a biller to a provider, I would definitely know the laws/statutes as pertained to my state, and providers in my state, and I would also be ready to go over laws/statutes on the other 49 states, if an out-of-state provider was looking to hire me, and did not already know what applied to their particular state. Simply because it would show that I was looking out for the best interests of any potential client, and had done my homework ahead of time.

Many doctors, while not "idiots", are also not usually "business" people by nature, I have found over the years. Many come out of residency, take out huge business loans, open a practice, and think it is simply a matter of seeing patients, and they get paid. When they realize it isn't that simple, they will at times turn to billing companies to help them increase reimbursements/profitability. And I think that the billing company they consider entering into a contract with should be as informed as possible about laws, statutes, regulations, etc, for every state, or be willing to research them and tell a potential client what is what ahead of time.

These doctors are signing contracts with every insurance company they can, just to get patients in their office when they start up(or sometimes down the road after years of practice, to try and keep up with everyone else), and unless they have a healthcare attorney on retainer, might not(and often don't) even realize what they are signing on for, they just sign. So I say cut the doctors a little slack here...they aren't idiots, they just need some guidance. And that is what an informed billing company can provide for them.


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Re: Third Party Billing Regulations by State
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There are fifty states, I don't know the laws applicable to someone else conduct in every state. And I am supposed to know the law in 50 states concerning the providers conduct, and the provider does not know the law in his own state where he has a license?

Yes .. yes you are.

I'm not here to debate. HOW you choose to do business is your choice.

Many doctors, while not "idiots", are also not usually "business" people by nature,

KRISTEN.. I couldn't agree more which is why I mentioned these things as being great marketing tools. :)
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