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Hello! I am a medical biller with 20+ years experience but I am new to Substance Abuse billing. I work for a facility that will bill both professional and facility services. It is the facility part that is new to me. Right now, everything I read says H0015 is billed on a UB 04 with a revenue code. Is this because the setting is for group services so you're billing the facility to provide the space, time and counselor and not a one-on-one service such as E/M? Also, what decides the H0015? is it that we offer the program 3 times a week, 3 hours per session OR does the PATIENT have to attend all 3 hrs of each 3 hour session, 3 times a week? Getting info for substance abuse billing sure has been difficult. Is that because it's usually been not covered or a lot of these patients were lacking insurance prior to the ACA?