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NP not credentialed
« on: July 14, 2015, 10:50:16 AM »
We have FNP( Family Nurse Practitioner) - she hasn't credentialed with Medicare - so until she gets credentialed I recommended that we have claims be billed under Dr. himself as long as he signs the MR. Can I please know the do and dont's and also if the MD and the FNP practice at different locations - should he be coming down every day to sign of the records..

The mileage between the nurse practitioner and the supervising physician is not specifically
addressed in the NPA. However, the physician should be within a geographical distance,
which enables her/him to effectively supervise the nurse practitioner in the performance of
the standardized procedure functions.
(California Nursing Practice Act Article 8 BPC 2834 2835 2835.5 2835.7 2836 2836.1-3 2837) .. Also can you please help me on the mileage that is allowed and the appropriate link for me to send it to the office