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« on: August 06, 2015, 02:42:23 PM »
My provider is a LCSW, we have a client that may need to go take care of family in a different state for a while. My provider wants to do
e-therapy with her( Skype Face time). I know most insurances don't cover it. But I I've already talk to the insurances, since it's a union they may.

Here is is the question. If my provider is only doing e-therapy does she need to be licences for that state? I think she would be not sure.


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Re: E-Therapy
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2015, 03:09:05 PM »
I believe that the place that the provide is in when the service is rendered would be the place of service and therefore would mean that the provider would have to follow the laws for that place (state).  Which would mean be licensed, credentialed, etc.  The best thing to do is to check with the specific insurance carriers and the state laws to be safe.
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Re: E-Therapy
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