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Need help figuring out NDC information!!!

Helping my brother out trying to take over his billing.  He's an anesthesiologist so NDC information is required to submit billing through Office ally, but I don't know how to get this information.  Is there a master list for this information because I do not have access to the original box for the code or unit price etc.  He bills per time allotted to surgery not by units as far as I know.

submission boxes look like
NDC Quality    NDC code      NDC unit price    NDC Quantity    EPSDT/family plan         NDC Quantity Qualifier(days or units)
n4                                                                                         f2
en                                                                                         gr
ed                                                                                         mc
hl                                                                                          mn
on                                                                                        me

any help or direction would be great.  Have a ton of submissions I need to do  Much thanks


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This should help you with some of what you need: