Author Topic: Has anyone received denials from Blue of California because your firm is an LLC?  (Read 1002 times)


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I have received two so far.  We do drug testing/urine screening and have been in business for several years and have not seen any other denials for this reason.  We are set up as a Limited Liability Company and have received thousands of reimbursements nationwide.  We have never been denied payment due to the fact that we are an LLC.  Let me know if you have any information pertaining to this issue.  Thank you so much! 



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Have you called to make sure that the denial was correct?  I have never heard of such a thing.  I didn't think there was a denial code out there for "denied due to LLC".  I don't think they can deny due to a business structure.  My first action would be to call and ask them to clarify.
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