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Is anyone getting denials for Detox billing ICD-10 codes but not liking the Principal Procedure Code?

So are you saying they are denying based on the CPT code, not the ICD code?

They are denying our Principal Procedure Code in Box 74 of the UB-04 of 94.62.  We only use these codes when billing Detox level of care.  I'm not aware if these changed with the new ICD-10 or not.  A 94.62 is a Principal Procedure Code of Alcohol Detox Only.

that looks like a diagnosis code and not a cpt code.

We are billing with a diagnosis of F13.20, Revenue Code 0126 Inpatient Detox, CPT Code H0010.  In Box 74 we are putting the Principal Procedure Code of 94.65.  My guess is those changed for the new ICD-10, but can't find to what Principal Procedure Code would go with a diagnosis F13.20.


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