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Billing for administration only of Depo Provera injection


Our patients pick up their Depo Provera medication from the pharmacy and bring it into our office.  We are unable to get paid for 96372,  administration of injection, by NYS Medicaid as it is on the "If Stand Alone, Do Not Pay" list.  Any suggestions on how to code and get reimbursed would be greatly appreciated.

We bill NY Medicaid but haven't come across this.  We do bill the 96372 alone to other insurance carriers with no issues.  I tried to research it but I'm coming up empty.  The only think I seem to run across is a suggestion of billing a 99211 in place of the 96372.  Without seeing the chart and knowing if the requirements for 99211 are being met I can't advise this, but you may want to look into that.


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