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Adding New Practitioner to a LLC


I work for a nutritionist who has an LLC and has an NPI associated with the LLC.  She also is in network with some insurance companies.

If she hires another nutritionist to work for her, and the new "employee" has an individual it as easy to just use her LLC NPI as the billing NPI and put the "employee" individual NPI as the rendering provider. 

How is this affected if the new employee does NOT accept or is in network with insurance companies....does the new employee need to be credentialed with the insurance companies that the nutritionist is in network with? 

Thanks for your help.

The new employee would use their individual NPI as the rendering provider and the employers type 2 NPI & EIN for the billing information.  Most insurance carriers require the individual to credential with them, and to be linked to the group information for payment.  You will have to contact each carrier to find out what they need.


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