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Medisoft V20 New user. ERA/835


We went from a REALLY OLD Medisoft version where we "manually" posted every claim to V20 2 months ago. I am trying to set it up where at the click up a button, ERA or 835 are automatically entered into our Medisoft program. Can anyone advise? Like I said, we use to be VERY OLD SCHOOL!

Welcome to the future!  You are going to like autoposting.  We use Lytec, similar to Medisoft.  I do not know how you do it in Medisoft but if you just updated you should be able to ask your vendor.  They should help you or at least point you to where to go.  There is also Help available in the software.  Search for Autopost and you should see instructions on what you need to do.

Good luck!

We use Medisoft, and have for the last 25 years or so. We upgraded to Version 19 last year. We have never had the auto-post capability, and I queried our vendor about it last month. They quoted me $499 to install a module to receive ERA's for auto-post. So I would second the idea of talking to your VAR or vendor about this.

We actually have a separate module for Lytec as well.  Ours was included in one of our updates a couple years back.  We have a GREAT vendor!  Murray with SMG Systems.  There is probably a module for Medisoft as well.  Depending on the price it may be well worth it.  For us it has been a great time saver.

But remember, even if autoposted you still need to verify the information and input!


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