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Lead follow up
« on: January 19, 2016, 08:17:43 PM »
Hello - for you newbies, or those struggling a bit in your marketing efforts, I'd like to offer a bit of help on a part of marketing that is not often touched on, (and this is JMHO:) What is a lead, and do you do with your them? A: A lead is someone (or some clinic) that you've acquired through your marketing efforts who is interested in your services, but not ready yet to sign up. What do you do with them? A: Follow up 3-4 times (either in person or by phone) try to answer any questions they have. If they are still on the fence, or not yet ready, Leave them your contact information, throw the lead away and move on! Many medical billers waste too much time on leads that will never do anything. It may be difficult to do this, but nothing will drain your energy, enthusiasm, or drive more than following up over and over on your leads, only to have them tell you "no" in the end. A national sales trainer once told me "the most useful tool to have near your desk is a large recycle container, because that's where most of your leads will end up" Don't let your prospects become a burden folks, set a limit on your follow up's and stick to it.  :)
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Re: Lead follow up
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Thanks for sharing!  Great advice
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