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Is it inappropriate to change your contract to no longer include the software fee in your rate?

I'm assuming you mean a current contract with a provider.  Does the contract specify a term?  For example is the contract effective until say June 1, 2016?  If the contract is in the current term, does it specify if and how changes can be made?  I can't advise you legally, but if you don't specify how changes may be made then you may have to approach the provider about revising the current contract.

Your line of thinking is correct. I no longer want to offer this benefit as its adversely effecting my overhead by doing this and the patient billing for this particular client. I was going to send them a letter advising that as of xx/xx/xx date, software costs will no longer be included. I just wondered if anyone else has had any experience with that. I need to do it, but I am concerned of adverse reaction of appearing unprofessional. :-\

* OR appearing unprofessional

So currently you do not charge them a software fee but you would like to start, correct?  If you have a contract that spells out your fee and that is not included you may have to wait until the contract expires.  But this is a legal issue and I do not have a legal background.  Check with a lawyer to be safe.  My personal opinion is that if you are not charging them and you have a contract you can't start charging unless you are renewing the contract.


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