Author Topic: United Healthcare Commercial keeps denying preventive code coded with vaccines  (Read 1136 times)


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I don't know what the deal with United healthcare is, I recently discovered that anytime I code a preventive visit with vaccines, they'll deny the preventive code and pay for the vaccines.

I called United healthcare commercial about this and they told me anytime I code a preventive code with vaccines, a modifier has to be appended to the preventive visit. Of course I didn't bother to ask what that modifier might be because I had a feeling they wouldn't tell me.

Is there anyone who is familiar with the billing/coding policy for United commercial? Could you please tell me what modifier I'm supposed to append to a preventive code while coding it with vaccines? I would greatly appreciate it.


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Take a look at modifier 25.  If the patient's notes indicate that the preventative visit was separate from the vaccine then the 25 modifier may be appropriate.
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