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Contact HR dept for HRA balance ignored by patient?


Lisa N:

I bill for a social worker. One of her patients has an HRA account that is set up so that the patient releases funds to the provider after the claim has processed. She came in for three visits and the claims have all processed with a deductible, but she stopped treatment and is ignoring calls, letters, and bills. I'm wondering if it's legal/ethical for the provider to submit a bill directly to the patient's HR dept. I know that's sometimes the way it's supposed to happen, but is it overstepping a boundary in a case like this?

Thanks for any insight,

How long has it been, since the deductibles were applied. Generally, I have seen payers (mostly UHC and Cigna) processing claims towards the patient's deductible and followed by a payment that was made by the HRA, covering for that deductible. These payments come in automatically, 90% of the time, before a bill is sent to the patient for the deductible.

So, I am not sure if we have the privilege to approach the HR dept directly for payment. Let us see if we get different inputs from others.


If the patient has given you the HRA/HSA information along with an assignment of benefits you can. If not you can't. I know with MY HSA, i have to send in the bills with my HSA form completed and signed by us.

If you send her to collections she may be motivated to submit to her HRA.


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