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90853 IOP Substance Abuse

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H0035 is partial hospitalization < 24 hrs,  S0102 is partial hospitalization < 24 hrs, per diem.  The only difference is that S0102 is per diem.    The 0912 is for Partial hospitalization so the H0035 would be consistent with that.

Depends on if your billing a facility or a professional. If your billing a facility or a LISAC or a "other professional" then you will need to use H0015. 90853 is reserved for professionals with certain types of degrees so you will need to check your providers credentials. And "9" codes will almost always go on a HCFA. Now, H0015 will go on UB04 if your billing a facility and a HCFA if your billing for a LISAC or other professional.


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