Author Topic: I sell Ins that uses PHCS/Multiplan PPO. Is there a list of the discounted PPO..  (Read 955 times)


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..repriced amounts for all procedures that my policyholders will be charged?

I hope Im asking this correctly! Im talking about the pre-negotiated and contracted price to the penny set amount set by the PPO that doctors and hospiitals can charge for each and every procedure.

Example: A cash customer goes into a walk-in clinic and pays $152, but someone with a PHCS/Multiplan PPO Ins card, they're only charged $59.45, and then their Ins pays that amount.  TIA!!


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Have you contacted PHCS/Multiplan for a fee schedule with repriced amounts on it? Short of doing that, I don't know how else you would get that info all at once.