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Re: Questions from a Newbie
« Reply #15 on: September 08, 2016, 07:23:21 PM »
Even with the ability to log in to the provider's end of things, there may still be a large downtime in getting issues corrected. That is all on the provider and their staff. For instance, if someone entered the wrong insurance on the provider's end, and didn't bother to upload the insurance card into the EMR, you can go in looking for it, but if it isn't there, you are still putting in an inquiry, and waiting.

It really comes down to the provider and their staff, and how on top of things they are. You can have one with the best EMR and PM system out there, that you have access to, and you have a 100 inquiries out to them. Then you can have a provider who has no EMR or PM system, who faxes you the info, and you have 0 inquiries, because they are on top of things.

As far as data entry, unless you have an all in one EMR/PM system, or have an EMR that integrates fully with the PM system, you will still be doing the same amount of data entry.


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Re: Questions from a Newbie
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Since it is their system don't they have to set up your login?  Then you would change the password?  Until they do that you don't have access to the system.  Just trying to make sure it's clear.  Maybe I am missing something.

Whether you have your own system or they have one, the billing company owner SHOULD setup their Own login's, yes of course the administrator for the client would need to send initial login requirements but the billing company is then required to make sure their login is compliant. This is to protect the audit trail.


Linda, in regards to flat fee pricing, I noticed in a past post you mentioned about how you have potential clients fill out a thorough evaluation so you know exactly what to charge. If you're not comfortable with sharing that form, would you mind sharing what kind of important questions you ask that help you come to an accurate quote?

Thank you again