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I am in negotiations with a doctor who runs a clinic.  He doesn't want the co-pay and deductible included in the  amount that I bill him for doing his billing.  It is the onlly thing holding up an agreement on the contract.  How should I handle this?


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When I billed a % of collections it was TOTAL practice revenue. My rule was .. I touch it, I report it, I collect on it. Patient out-of-pocket is a part of the practice reports, if your not tracking them the provider's reports will be inaccurate. Remind them that keeping two sets of bills (assuming HE will be one tracking those) is a big fat NO NO. Patient statements will also be inaccurate again, with the assumption that he's going to track all these.  :o

I never negotiated this either. Once I explained about the tracking, reporting, etc they usually then understood.

I bill a flat fee which solved many of these type of issues. I get paid for all my work and the provider's receivables are not a factor. Much easier and much more justified than billing a %.
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So if his staff is collecting the copays and deductibles at TOS, who is applying it to the patient accounts, and making sure it is applied correctly? Them, or you? Like Linda touch it, you get paid for it.


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with so many high deductible plans out there (thanks, ACA!) you would lose soooo much money on that deal.....


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Of course he doesn't, but you also don't work for free. In that case, I agree, you charge a flat rate ( and depending on where you are that is required any way ) and never worry about HIS issue. Sometimes they are penny wise and pound foolish.