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Hello Ladies, I graduated in 2012 with an associate degree for medical billing/coding and basically gave it up because of coders being pushed out. I had no idea that billing was still a separate department. In fact I was told in the medical office/facilities, the billing office were also handling the coding as well as coders the billing. I haven't looked into any of this for over a year now. So if this is the case why would a Dr. outsource the billing? I would love to get back into this if I knew it was going to go somewhere. I was going to also get into medical transcribing till I heard it was being weeded out also. If you apply for a medical billing position you would almost have to know coding also, wouldn't you? If I thought about opening my own business, I would almost have to work for a DR first, wouldn't I ? This is very interesting  to me. Maybe I can put my degree to work after all ;)

There are still many reasons why physicians would outsource. The main reasons are costs of course, benefits, training, etc. Physicians are more apt to hire bilers than they are coders. If you are a certified coder along with having billing experience that's an added bonus. If you only have your degree, no certifications or actual experience it will be much harder for you to get your foot in the door. Some, like myself will argue that it's easier to market yourself as a business rather than looking to get into a position. Both are difficult to do without actual experience. You might want to look into certification to juice up your resume and add value to your marketing.

 Thank you for your response PMRNC :D, I will look into the billing and coding certification.

Hello, I have a question. I've heard of people starting their business in their home. Im looking to start in my bronx, ny apartment. Is that going to be a problem?

You need to make sure it is ok to have a business in your home.  Some residential areas it is not ok.  I have heard of someone who lost their home because they did not check first.


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