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 Do you feel it best practice to bill Multiple days of IOP with multiple group and family therapy on one UB04 claim? or 2. Bill IOP on UBO4 and extras on 1500 / separately? What do you find is best practice? -I am billing 0906 H0015 for IOP. - Grateful for your advice & Thank you in advance! :)

I don't think it really matters whether you bill multiple days on one form or if you split them out.  It's really a personal choice.  I personally prefer billing as much on one as I can so that I'm only completing the one form, but I don't like to hold billing either.  Usually you don't get to pick whether you use the UB04 or the CMS1500.  Usually the insurance carrier requires that you bill on the form that matches how they have you set up in their provider files.

Thank you for responding. Its set up for either since there is a sep. drs group set up by previous biller. I am not sure I want to follow in her footsteps and deviate from my method.


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